peter d'Agostino, projects

Farocki Now: A Temporary Academy

Harun Farocki Institute, Berlin, Germany, Oct 2017

East/West space-time & World-Wide-Web

Peter d'Agostino and Takahiko Iimura web project

Collaborative Cataloging Japan

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden, Philadelphia Oct 2016

Glaciers in the age of global warming

ISEA 2015, International Symposium on Electronic Art

SFU Vancouver, Canada, Aug 2015

Deserts Crossroads of Natural-Cultural-Virtual

Environments During Climatic Changes

Balance / Unbalance Conference,

Arizona State Univ, Tempe AZ, Mar 2015


UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

NYU-MIAP Brooklyn Historical Society, Oct 27, 2013

Peter d'Agostino: World-Wide-Walks (1973 -2013)

SUNY Media Study, Open Air, and Techne Institute

The State University of New York, Buffalo, Oct 15, 2013

W-W-W/between earth & water/COASTS*

* Previews: Queensland & Sydney, Australia, Jun 2013

Balance - Unbalance, Noosa Biosphere

ISEA 2013, International Symposium on Electronic Art

Archiving the Arts: an artist's perspective

Panel and screening, New York University, Oct 13, 2012

Mixed Messages:

Marshall McLuhan and the Moving Image

Panel and screenings, Penn Humanities Forum

International House, Philadelphia, Mar 31, 2012

W-W-W/between earth & water/RIVERS*

* Previews: New Orleans & Philadelphia, Mar - Apr 2011

Society for Cinema and Media Studies;

Temple University, Philadelphia