peter d'Agostino, projects

Projects exploring intersections of Art–Science–Technology

PUFF of Light ( 2006-15* )

Research and video interviews for this
work-in-progress were conducted at:
CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research;
SLAC, Stanford Linear Accelerator; Berkeley Lab;
UCLA Art I Sci + Lab; and MARCEL. [ link ]

*The title refers to observations by contemporary physicists
who have reported that when particles and anti-particles
meet they disappear in a "puff of light.", projects

STRING CYCLES ( 1989-95 )

Based on the ancient art of string figures, popularly known
as cat's cradles, STRING CYCLES is an allegory for the
transmission of knowledge in the Internet age.
It is a weave of traditional storytelling themes - from African
folktales and the Homeric epics to the visual poetics of Mallarme
- juxtaposed with 'superstring' theories in physics and
the Buddhist story of Indra's Net, which tells of an endless
series of threads connecting the universe.

Exhibition: 1995 InfoArt, Kwangju Biennale, Korea, projects

TransmissionS: In the WELL ( 1985-90 )

A metaphorical history of the electronic age through a series
of impressions, tableaux, and monologues of informed
commentary, TransmissionS moves back & forth in time
from the 'big bang' to seminal figures of the electronic era -
Edison, Tesla, and Marconi. Based on the true story of a young
boy who falls into a well, the installation explores a number
of universal themes: myths of Icarus falling and Orpheus
in the underworld; stories of Mother Earth,
emergence, rebirth and resurrection.

Exhibitions: 1990, 1999
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Lehman College Art Gallery, projects

DOUBLE YOU [and X, Y, Z.] ( 1981-87 )

The focus of this work is the acquisition of language,
juxtaposed with an underlying theme derived from physics.
The structure is based on the four forces - light, gravity, strong
and weak - that cause all physical interactions in the universe.
Through analogy and metaphor, these concepts parallel four
periods of early language development: light/birth,
gravity/words, strong force/sentences, weak force/songs.

Exhibitions: 1985-87
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Museum of Modern Art, New York
American Academy in Rome, Italy
Festival des Arts Electroniques, Rennes, France, projects

QUARKS ( 1979-80 )

The structure of this work is based on a 30-second interval,
the most common time unit for TV commercials.
Three layers of information - sound/image/written texts -
are presented within a series of juxtapositions that give new
meaning to the term 'quark'. ( Originally created by
James Joyce to mean a 'croak' or 'trifle' in Finnegans Wake,
Murray Gell-Mann applied this term to describe his
concept of elementary subatomic particles. )

Exhibitions: 1980-85
Bienniale, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Long Beach Museum of Art
Artists Showcase, WGBH-TV, Boston