peter d'Agostino, texts

Techno/Natural Interfacing:

Walking & Mapping in the Age of Climate Change

International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA)

Sydney, Australia, 2013

World-Wide-Walks / between earth & sky / Donegal

Leonardo (Vol. 45, 2, 2012).

PASSAGE/S: surveying new media - 1970s / 2000s

European Mobile Art Lab ( e-MobiLArt )

University of Athens, June 2008.

World-Wide-Walks: interactive mixed realities

Symposium of Interactive Media Design

Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2007.

Metaphor Machines: traversing the techno/cultures of human-machine interaction

International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA)

San Jose, CA 2006.

On the LINES / In the AIR:

Surveying New & Desperate Media

America Through the Eyes of the Media

University of Torino, 2006.

Back to the Future[ists]? Or, Multi-Guities

for exploring virtual identities

The Ubiquitous Network, GARR Conference

Pisa, Italy, 2005.

CO-OR : 0/1: Report on Analog

and Digital Modalities

Sustainability Conference, East-West Center, Hawaii, 2005.

Techno/Cultural Identities: from Ships to GigaBits

International Conference on Communication & Mass Media

ATINER, Athens, Greece, 2004.

Techno/Cultural Consciousness Across the Digital Divide

Consciousness Reframed

Curtin University, Australia, 2002.


Sommaire de Revue d'esthetique 39

Paris, France, 2001.

ArtMedia, Salerno, Italy, 1999.

Peter d'Agostino: Interview by Montse Badia

Cave Canis, No. 8, Barcelona, 1998.

The Techno/Cultural Interface

ISEA and Media Information

Sydney, Australia, 1993.


Kunstforum, Sept/Oct, 1989.

New Observations, Oct/Nov, 1989.

Communications (Sociologie, Anthropologie, Politique)

No. 48, Paris, 1988.

TELOS, Journal of Communication, Technology and Society, No. 9, Madrid, Spain, 1987.

Send, San Francisco, Spring 1987.

For a Video/Phone

Video 80/1

San Francisco, Spring 1981.

ArtCom, San Francisco, Fall 1982.

Visual Anthropology -

an interview with John Adair

Wideangle, Athens, Fall 1981.

Proposal for QUBE

Video 80

San Francisco September 1980.

TV Magazine, New York, May 1980.

Art or Anthropology?

The New Commercialist, San Francisco, 1978.

ArtCom, San Francisco, Fall 1982.

Chung: 'Still' Another Meaning

Art Contemporary, San Francisco, Spring 1977.

Dumb Ox, Los Angeles, Summer, 1977