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World-Wide-Walks / between earth & water / FALLS
Iguazu - Niagara [ preview: 1min ]

Walking the borders of Argentina / Brazil, and Canada / U.S.A.
along the majestic falls of Iguazu and Niagara sets the stage
to witness conflicting environmental and cultural concerns.
On one hand, these falls generate enormous hydro-electric
power. However, damming the waterways has also
resulted in the devastating loss of ecosystems
inhabited for centuries by indigenous peoples.
Admiring the incredible majesty of Iguazu's 275 falls,
Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly said, "Poor Niagara."
But there is trouble in paradise with reports that dam
building activity has resumed on the Iguazu River,
already home to three other hydro-electric plants.
Plans for this new dam were curtailed after an acute
drought in 2009 reduced the massive flow of
the falls to one third of its typical volume.
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