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World-Wide-Walks / between earth & water / CLOUDS
Costa Rica - California [ preview: 1:30 min ]

Walks were performed in cloud forests during the
recent decade of accelerating climate change.
Cloud cover has been diminishing in Monteverde, C.R;
California’s severe drought is affecting the giant redwoods.
"Many cloud forest organisms have literally nowhere to go…
They're stuck on an island of cloud forest.
If you remove the cloud, it's curtains for them." [ ]
Dr. Nalini M. Nadkarni, American ecologist who pioneered
the study of Costa Rican rain forest canopies
"Climate change models make it clear that temperatures are projected
to rise along the North Coast as much as 5.8 degrees (F).
A particularly nightmarish scenario would pair rising temperatures
with falling fog levels, creating an unprecedented double
whammy of drought stress for the coastal redwood trees…
if anything happens to the them, it’s going to be
a dramatic change in the entire ecosystem."
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