world wide walks



World-Wide-Walks/between earth & water/WETLANDS
Installation: Dual LED video monitors, HD & 360 VR video 2018
( 2: 7 min loops, top & bottom) Edition: 5 + 2AP

Florida - Cuba

Walks focusing primarily on the Florida Evergaldes and Zapata Swamp
reveal striking ennviromental similarities and socio-political diifferences
between the U.S. and Cuba. The Zapata preserve is adjacent to
Cuba's Bay of Pigs, where the failed invasion
led to the most dangerous incident of
the Cold War -the Cuban Missile Crisis
in October 1962.
“Wetland habitats serve essential functions In an ecosystem...
acting as water filters, providing flood and erosion control,
and furnishing food and homes for fish and wildlife.”
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