peter d'Agostino

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DOUBLE YOU ( and X,Y,Z. )

© 1981-86 /2016 ( 7 min excerpt )

The primary subject of this interactive videodisc
is the acquisition of language, while the
underlying structure is from: physics.
The four-part structure of the work is based
on the four forces now believed to cause
all physical interactions in the universe:
light, gravity, strong and weak forces.
Through analogy and metaphor, these concepts
parallel four periods of language development.
1 Light/birth
2 Gravity/words
3 Strong force/sentences
4 Weak force/songs
Sound is the primary motivation for progressing
from cries at birth to first words, sentences,
and finally to songs sung at age two.
This last part also reveals the source of the title.
DOUBLE YOU (and X,Y,Z.) is from a children's
song that concludes with "now I know my ABC's
next time won't you sing with me."

Video/Sound/Editor: Peter d'Agostino
Second Camera: Skip Sweeney. Music: Jon Gibson
Videodisc Consultant: Ken Shannon
Production support: CAVS, MIT
National Endowment for the Arts