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between earth & sky: Cordoban Ceilings

Peter d’Agostino © 2003 Video: 5 min.
Installation: University of Paris I Partheon-Sorbonne, Mar-Apr 2003

“It was in Andalusia that men of unshakeable faith,
like Abelard and Maimonides and Averroes,
saw no contradiction in pursuing truth,
whether philosophical or scientific or religious,
across confessional lines.”

Maria Rosa Monocal, The Ornament of the World:
How Muslims, Jews, and Christians Created
a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain.

The video walks I performed in Cordoba's major architectural landmarks:
the Great Mosque, the Alcazar, and Synagogue in June 2001
can now refer to two key historical epochs:
Spain circa 1000, described in Ornament of the World,
and our post- 9/11 world.