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Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada

Peter d’Agostino © 1987/2020
Video installation
Preview: 2 of 20min loop   Edition: 5+2 AP

Beatrice Wood sat for this video when she came to the Philadelphia
Museum of Art for the Duchamp Centennial celebration in 1987.
She begins with her first meeting with Marcel, their collaboration with Roche
on The Blind Man review, and continues to describe other remarkable events.

Beatrice Wood (1883-1998) was a ceramic artist known as much
for her irreverent quips, beauty, bohemian life style and famous lovers
as for her luminous luster-glaze chalices. She was an inspiration for
Roche's novel about a menage a trois, "Jules et Jim," that was made
into a 1961 film by Francois Truffaut. ( NYT 3.14.1998 )