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Peter d’Agostino © 2021

Video installation
Virtual preview: 9min (of 18:45 loop) Edition: 5 + 2 AP

Three Walks (at the base of Sutro Tower, on the Bay Bridge,
in the San Francisco cloud forest) are juxtaposed with views
overlooking the bay from the Oakland / Berkeley Hills.
A score by Reese Williams combines with environmental
sounds and images shifting times and places,
during the week of June 21, 2014.*

This preview installation simulates the changing light in a room
overlooking the bay where the video was originally recorded and
projected. As the sun sets, the luminous white space gradually
darkens to reveal the projected images. In the darkened space,
the video plays in its entirety before the light re-emerges to wash
out the images as the room returns to the bright white space.
The continuous sound track maintains a presence in the
space as images appear and disappear during the looping
cycles of light to dark (6:15) dark (6:15) to light (6:15).

* Summer solstice time cycle, sunset 8:35pm
to 10:30pm darkness (Astro twilight).

Link to PROJECTIONS (1970-73)