peter d'Agostino

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coming & going: San Francisco (BART)

Peter d’Agostino © 1978 / 2019

Nine channel video installation
Preview: 2 of 15 min loop Edition: 5+2 AP

This video encompasses the everyday experiences of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
commuters – buying tickets, waiting on platforms, boarding and exiting trains.
Within this context several layers of information related to BART are portrayed.
They include: scenes from surveillance cameras and the master control room
displaying the progress of the trains throughout the system,
and a car driving from Berkeley to San Francisco crossing the
Bay Bridge while a train travels toward the tunnel beneath the Bay.

Collection: Oakland Museum of California
Selected Exhibitions: 1978-80
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
Getty Museum, Los Angeles, 2008
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