peter d'Agostino


PLACES OFART are slide projections of museum windows.
A selection of these slides with prints, videos and drawings
were in my exhibition, Projects & Sources: 1965-75
at Lone Mountain College, San Francisco, 1975.
Note: PLACES OFART is part of a broader project
I conceived as a HISTORY OFART
referring to Jarry, Joyce, Duchamp...
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University Art Museum, Berkeley
( superimpositon X : R-L, L-R )

de Young Museum / Asian Art: Japanese Tea Garden
( summer-winter mirrored )

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
( 1 of all 5 doorways - same day )

Oakland Museum
( 1 of 6 windows - same day )

Gallery Paule Anglim
( 1 of 4 views )