world wide walks


World-Wide-Walks/PRISONS was performed in
Philadelphia, U.S.A. and Ushuaia, Argentina.

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Walk:Philadelphia - Eastern State Penitentiary 2012

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia (1829 -1970)
was an attempt at prison reform by isolating
prisoners in strict solitary confinement. Based on
the humanistic philosophy of the enlightenment,
solitude and reflection were thought to lead inmates
to penitence ( hence the new word, 'penitentiary').
Ironically, this method was eventually found to be
deleterious to the mental health of the prisoners.

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Walk:Ushuaia - National Penitentiary 2012

The National Penitentiary (1902 -1947) also
practiced severe forms of solitary confinement.
Ushuaia is at the southern tip of Argentina in
Tierra del Fuego, nestled between the massive
Andean glaciers and the icy waters of the
Beagle Channel, near the Antarctic Ocean.
Known as 'the prison at the end of the world',
it was considered to be a place of no escape.