peter d'Agostino

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Peter d’Agostino © 1979/2020

Digital video from 35mm slides
Preview: 2 of 4min loop  Edition: 5+2 AP

Lookout tower on Bear Mountain, Arizona, 1979.
A walk up the ladder into the obsevation deck begins three sequences
each separated by “Lookout” intertitles. The cycle continues until a new
title “Outlook” reverses the sequence before returning to the original order.
Four sets of 20 / 35mm slides served to fill the 80 slots of a Kodak Carousel
projector slide tray to display the images as a continuous loop.

With Bruce Grossman, Deirdre Dowdakin,
and Brien Dowdakin ( In memorium, 1954-2018 ).

The Fine Arts Gallery, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, 1979