peter d'Agostino

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Peter d’Agostino © 2008 Video: 2 min.

Freewaves Biennial Festival "Hollywould" Oct 2008
Screening: Los Angeles Film Forum
Three-Channel Installation: Hollywood Blvd

LA Dean BURST represents an iconic and eternal Hollywood story based
on two visits to the Griffith Observatory more than a half century apart.
My trip to the Observatory in 2007 is juxtaposed with a visit by James Dean
for the film, Rebel Without a Cause in 1955. Quotations from filmed scenes
in the Observatory serve as a brief summary of LA Dean BURST

“Destroyed as we began in a burst of gas & fire.”
- A “voice of god” narration during light show.

“I was just thinkin’… that once you been up there you know you’ve been someplace.”
- James Dean as Jim Stark, a Los Angeles High School student.

Credits: video/sound/editing Peter d’Agostino