peter d'Agostino

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World-Wide-Walks / SFBAY

Peter d’Agostino © 2021

Video installation
Virtual preview: 6min (of 18:00 loop) Edition: 5 + 2 AP

Three Walks (at the base of Sutro Tower, on the Bay Bridge,
in the San Francisco cloud forest) are juxtaposed with views
overlooking the bay from the Oakland / Berkeley Hills.
A score by Reese Williams combines with environmental
sounds and images shifting times and places,
during the week of June 21, 2014.*

The installation will simulate the changing light in the room
overlooking the bay where the video was originally recorded and
projected. As the sun sets, a luminous white space gradually
darkens to reveal the projected images. In the darkened space,
the video plays in its entirety before the light re-emerges to
wash out the images as the room returns to bright white.
The continuous sound track maintains a presence in the
space as images appear and disappear during the
looping cycles of light to dark - dark to light.

* Summer solstice time cycle, sunset 8:35pm
to 10:30pm darkness (Astro twilight).