peter d'Agostino

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64 projections

Peter d’Agostino © 1965-70/2019

Digital video from 35mm slides
Preview: 3 of 8min loop  Edition: 5+2 AP

The first image I photographed that became the basis for 64 projections was of light
streaming through the oculus of the Pantheon in Rome. The slides from that year
in Italy (1965-66) and those that followed in New York (1966-68), and my initial
years in San Francisco (1968-70) formed a database of images for the project.

I arrived at 64 images by sorting through hundreds of slides focusing on light in a
wide array of contexts - from natural settings to TV screens - photographed with
different 35mm photo film stocks – color, BW, infrared, etc. The basic strategy was
to position the slides up & down / inside & out, arriving at sets of 8 (8 x 8 = 64).
Supplementing the 64 images to fill the 80 slots of a Kodak Carousel projector
slide tray to play a continuous loop, I created 16 additional slides:
8 images of the number 8 + 8 more of this figure 8 on its side
to represent an infinity symbol.

The Brief, Largely Subterranean History of Reese Palley Gallery,
San Francisco, 1969–1972 Cushion Works SF, Feb - Apr 2020

817 Kansas Street Studio SF, 1970-71
Reese Palley Gallery SF, 1971